The School Of Life

You are only really ever given what you are capable of handling.  Its life testing you to see if you can really learn, grow & handle the different capacities in its every changing variety.  Many times, we fail these universal tests,  showing up again & again in different packages & forms in hopes of schooling you to graduate from the lesson of your life once again.

I used to believe that this world hated me, giving me experience after experience with the hopes of destroying my human spirit.  It wasn’t until I decided that I no longer wanted to be a victim & really started to get my shit together that I figured out I was missing the education & understanding to my own personal life & freedom.

Fear is the ignition behind your inability to learn properly, preventing you from ultimatly gaining insight, wisdom & knowledge throughout the course of your life.  Sometimes its teachings are so treacherous to the physical heart that it can often turn you into a non believer, instead of the student still having a human experience as a spiritual being for your souls purpose & mission.

This fear often transforms us into the emotions of anger & resentment, embedding us with its doctrine of demise,  becoming the true obstacles in all of the roads taken.  The outcome of this behavior often times leads you farther & farther away from its original expression, never once encouraging your higher understanding.  It is in these moments of struggle do you find & receive the agility to flow in the power of your own healthy evolution where the universe’s true gifts exsist.

Sometimes we have to let go of the mentality that was created out of the need to survive & begin to live freely in the creation of your higher self.  It is here you can find the sole meanings & purpose behind your own beautiful existence & the gifts intended for living the human life. Peace Love Faith Hope <3 <3 <3