life school is much harder than that of general education

thyou are really only ever given what you can untimely handle, yet the test is to see if you can handle it in different capacities with the variety constantly changing..the under laying tone will always be the same rooted vines, it just might come packaged in different textures surrounded with different smells to throw you off your game of experience..sometimes, we feel although its not always the case, that we are being retested on situations that you swore you have learned dumbfounded by the next wave of emotional turmoil..

what I have experienced and discovered is that most times these situations come as an advisor role and not as a full blown participant contestant in somebody game to life..what we are feeling due to past revelations is that we are in the wake of the parade, but really watching from the curb of life as the drums beat louder and louder trying to get our attention for no other reason than to test your skill of wisdom and knowledge..what I have learned to do over time is to watch from the curb smiling and waving as the clowns go by letting the candy they throw drop to the ground flawlessly with my razor eyes.

sometimes, we have to watch our pupils that were sent to us to observe the wisdom of our soul that was contracted to teach them without attaching or anchoring our self to their equation..even if we have experienced it first hand,  it is no longer our lesson to be instructed on, but that of somebody elses who is requiring from the higher realm of learning the soulful spiritual experience that will be ingrained within their own walls of self one hard as it is so sit and watch, the truth of your own kingdom is heavily relying on these important sceneries to further build the authenticity of life that is being required of you..

some of these teachings are treacherous to the heart and mind, sometimes making you question the most intelligent place in your space..sometimes they make you second guess your self and the decisions you made because FEAR is the root of all control and empowers the evil that lives within us all..its like a drip that is so utterly annoying that suddenly you break like a tsunami destroying all that is in your way simply because you didn’t pay attention to the drills and quizzes being sent to gage you where you were at in your instruction..this is when you discovered you failed miserably and have to start and repeat this shit all over again..

by empowering the higher conscious of living you will soon give birth to the idea of being the better, not bigger, but a BETTER human being who doesn’t plug into all the dysfunctional frequencies there to derail you from path that not every body is created school is much harder than that of general education for if you lack in the street smart category you are totally screwed and up shits is based off the ancient wisdom of practice and patience something that is one of the hardest skills to master, which is why we are continuously tested and retested on this most delicate spiritual muscle that is the strongest hardest most flexible solid athletic durable life force that is the embodiment to all its glorious proficiency..

so the next time you feel like you cant handle something, im pretty sure that you have felt these emotion before yet this times it comes with an extra added brave as you review your circumstance before you react out of habit, and breath the compassion of your journey in with love and engage the spiritual warrior within with a kind heart and a soft voice..give your high beam light to this darkness that wants to creep all around you with lightning bolts of destruction and you will slowly beautifully over time will restore the natural flow sending waves of happiness and delight.. peace love faith hope



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