i know from personal experience that the dead show up

sometimes life grants us the opportunity to dip our self into the underworld of the unknown, the elite place of the 3rd eye conscious energy , giving us snidbits of information here and there as a gateway to what’s up and coming or what passed and still communicating..it shares with us messages of possibilities and ideas allowing us to feel the effects of its matter changing form and brilliantly appearing in different capacities for our specific benefit to feel, see, hear, taste, smell and know intuitionally..

yes, I guess you could say i am an occultist to some degree in a most beautiful radiant white lite kind of way, exuding the whereabouts of all these unexplainable possibilities are..i believe we are surrounded by “things” we, as ego driven humans, cant explain, but are being transmitted through frequencies that some are able to tap into through the energy of this divine universe when we step away from the lower energies and up into the higher category of transcendent self..

I had a conversation today with a clients friend, who happen to come by to simply hang out with her during her manicure pedicure..or maybe the real reason she came was for some insightful communication we had together that led to her feeling validated for all the signs and feelings she has since the death of her husband a couple of months ago that she was unsure of..while we are given visual and emotional situations that can connect us to our loved ones, most of us let go of these possibilities because our mental capacity is smaller than that of the beautiful breath our spirit speaks to the cosmos that surround us in a much larger field of electric pure authentic joy..

ironically I didn’t have to pull out my cards to do this since she was incredibly open enough and ready enough to have a conversation as touching as it was that aloud her to see all the beautiful gifts that have been given to her over the course of his passing that she knew existed but simply needed to be confirmed by someone who simply believes in all this stuff..

sometimes in order to connect with anybody you must be willing to hold pure space that allows you to plug into the energy that is swirling around and just bare witness to the threads of tapestry that is already woven that simply needs to be explained..for this ability I am incredibly grateful for and makes what I do and more importantly who I am more meaningful to the path and course of direction I am being guided to take..

we all want to be validated for our feelings, even if our feelings are coming from a place of space that might sound kookie and spookie..I thrive in this field of territory and get excited and giddy to be speaking this type of language that not every one can identify with or believe can even exist..i know from personal experience that the dead show up in many different ways and speak to us through different vibrations of energy that sometimes need to be translated to be understood, even if it sounds insane..

P.S as my husband and I left a funeral yesterday for a dear friend, we were witnesses to the beautiful yellow brilliant butterflies surrounding his casket as he was being placed in the hurse ..we both looked at each other in acknowledgment of the spiritual and beyond the grave gifted message that were being sent to those around as pure signs of his soulful presence..we were entirely grateful for being able to “see” something so profound and beautiful as we said our goodbyes..

pay attention…even if your ego shouts your fucking crazy..there are tiny magical monumental happenings everywhere waiting for you to show up for them..peace love faith hope13310539_10153941081618145_2266300292252120969_n