HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY what the fuck is supposed to be happy about it

thhave you ever wonder how your memorial day “holiday” would be celebrated if each and every one of us had to do a mandatory military service for this country, OUR AMERICA..if each and every one of us had to give back to this country supporting and unifying as a nation serving side by side with others for a certain amount of time at the ripe age of 18 would it change our outlook with the way we represent these specific holidays? would we be saying HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY, what the fuck is supposed to be happy about it ..I think about this more so now, simply because its hitting closer to home with my daughter being a soldier in the military in Israel serving her country of birth..

in Israel, by high comparison its a day of MOURNING..they commemorate their “memorial day” honoring the fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism with such utter respect and dignity by holding memorials along with the radio being filled with stories and songs for this specific time and on top of that, sound a siren the day of for a 2 minute period where the whole nation stops, freezes what they are doing and stands in complete silence..you could drop a pin and all you would hear is the sound of the siren being blown throughout the whole entire country..people get out of their cars on the streets and highways to stand in reverence paying complete tribute to its people and fellow soldiers..

can you even imagine what that must feel like, for a country to honor its service men and woman with such a high regard and standard which we don’t do here..its really something unique and special when you think about it, and something that has never been required from us as American people living here in America..i can see why it must feel so difficult for veterans to assimilate back into a country that has no value for what they have done ignoring it and turning it into a celebration instead of its true authentic meaning.

here in America, we have unbelievable celebrations, bargains and sales events that advertise from a month prior to the day of, a memorial day savings event of the year capitalizing on our dead in the happiest of ways..we are bombarded with commercials of price slashing’s and deals and steals enticing you to take advantage of this great holiday..BBQs after BBQ, party after party, parade after parade without ever once considering what exactly we are memorializing in the first place..

sometimes we as a society have it all ass backwards, and are so caught up in our own personal world not paying closer attention to its truer meanings, and I for one have failed miserably at this because I have never had to serve this country nor know a soldier who has died..but does that really matter when we are supposed to be American people living the American dream..please

so this coming week when you go to celebrate the holiday, take a real moment and honor and pay tribute to the men and women of the military and those who have been killed by terrorism to a higher standard that at you would normally do even if it has never ever effected you..that is the true American thing to do on this day, it s a day of MOURNING and i believe they rightfully deserve better than what our country has produced thus far in general..maybe one day will have a higher awareness among the American people to do so..peace love faith hope