i used to be a sucker (can you believe that)

i-may-not-be-perfect-but-at-least-i-am-not-fake-quote-1 we are living in a very misleading misguided cultural climbing society , where fakeness and posers are mainstream behavior disillusioning the mental capacity for honesty and sincere genuine authenticity.. some people have chosen to surround themselves with PEOPLE, THINGS and make believe ideas that allow them to feel they appear better and bigger than they actually are, out of the lack of self esteem that fuels their vanity creating and sprinkling trickery every where they go..

some BOLDLY proudly lie threw their over processed whiten teeth smiling those fabulous pearly whites to those around in a conviction that has no value , yet the biggest fabrication is the story they tell the refection staring back in the empty selflie mirror of deception..i sometimes just cant get pass the glaring teeth hearing nothing but the silent sound of pain when they bite on something cold becoming no longer attentive to care anymore..

people speak about finding love and happiness, trying to cultivating businesses,  relationships and friendships while dipping and swimming in a pool of water down truths..it becomes impossible to bring to the table a nourishment of substance that holds raw value because of the excuses that have been covering up the reality for so long..how can you find something deeply meaningful and authentic when the universe dials you back exactly what you put out making it a very difficult ugly truth you cant seem to eat and then suffer the consequence of failures because of..

sometimes we tend to be sucked in immediately based on the imaginary appearance that is so enticing , yet an appearance that may be the farthest from the actual basic truth..i know i have so many times been a victim of believing what I see and hear, wanting it to be genuine later to be disappointed to the façade created to attract and lure the likes of someone like me and what I bring to the table..

i used to be a sucker (can you believe that) of some ones wise words spoken upon meeting me..i would eat that spiritual shit up like I was dining at a 10 star restaurant only to discover it was only a pretzel stand, twisting me up inside instead.. I was given lessons over and over repeatedly because I needed to do the work myself to sort my shit out and get real with my intentions and beliefs getting back to basics..

how can you possibly build a real foundation on the instability of fraudulent transactions that you make with the world and the universe, putting forth a disingenuous persona and expect authenticity to show up as the reward..its simply impossible..as much as you might want to manipulate it, it doesn’t work..fake will always attracts fake, no matter how you slice and dice, it is what it is..

if you come into any relationship with a dishonest agenda being one that isn’t with your highest self and good, and with pure intentions, you will receive in return, exactly what you put forth just dressed and coated in other ways to entice your ego..thats how this shit works as horrible as it sounds and it will either destroy you slowly over time, or serve you candy coated bullshit that looks good enough to live off of in a most unhealthy sick way..your own choice too..show up to your life real if you want an alternative outcome to the story you want to change and a chapter you wish to rewrite so the universe can shift in your greatest favor..peace love faith hope