i had to divorce myself several times..

62945_449247953144_5841145_nhave you ever broken up or fired yourself know had that ‘heart to heart” conversation about how your no longer living up to the standard expectations and that its no longer working out for you because the behavior is toxic and abusive and completely unacceptable while failing miserably at managing and loving yourself unconditionally..have you ever had some sort of conversation with the negative alter ego self that shits all over your parade bringing you farther along the road of delusional hell leaving you to feel horrible while mismanaging your thoughts and beliefs purposely to dominate and control the underlying weakness within telling it, its time to pack its shit up and leave, no longer welcome in your kingdom..

I’ve had to divorce myself several times because that’s how many times it took until I stopped returning to that place of fictional comfort, the one that feels familiar even when it is hurtful and restricting to our development..i was powerless to my thoughts and feelings believing everything that was ever spoken giving life to things that didn’t belong to grow in my garden creating unlimited amounts of empty beliefs that were invaluable and lifeless and actuality just taking up precious was emotionally costly to continue this kind of relationship so either I was going to break free of the dialog or be eaten alive by my own artificial camouflage..

thankfully I got out of this deadly relationship and began to cultivate new improved ideas and started to court my divine self treating the me I use to abuse with love and kindness creating a goddess within while cradling my heart inside my hands delicately slowing restoring the faith where faith was deprived and depleted..i began to see things from a different perspective and was more keen at seeing things in warmer light than that of cynicism my ego would watercolor my eyes with creating a false cosmetic appearance to trick me into tripping up again..i started to bank my 5 cents of thoughts and established a wealth account of my own personal knowledge restoring my potential wisdom until I was rich in experience..

i began to let go of the useless malicious words that I had once polluted myself with casting them away with blessings while the extremities of my world started to shift and change..good things began to happen and my metaphorical garden began to bloom from the work of my own planted seeds..i became more aware of the environment I was occupying and found comfort in the stream of peace I needed in the sometimes chaotic life that happens to all of us, with a choice of showing up as a beautiful spirit or an egotistical no it all who self sabotages with destructive mindless behavior..

sometimes we need to break it off with the other self that occupies our being..take back the control and reestablish boundaries finding a better use to the duality that live inside all of us..sometimes we need to bid a goodbye to the persona that is leading you down paths of falsities fraudulently giving you empty hope that will only work against you guiding you to irrelevant nothings in the end..would you ever allow somebody else to speak or treat you in the manner to which you allow yourself the audacity to..would you ever put up with from someone else the shit that you fuck yourself over with? would you remain complacent in a relationship with a bully who abuses you to the fullest extent without remorse or apology?

stop changing the furniture, fixtures, appliances, décor to your spiritual house and start becoming more aware of the uninvited guest that never left that you unintentionally welcomed in one day that decided to stay and become a burden to your home decaying it slowly over have the ultimate choice whether you can admit it or not with your over involved ego..the words whispered within the tapestries of your being are heard full volume by all the DNA that is constantly created to form you..cells react to the vibrations that are being spoken from the brain and the heart one simple syllable at a time matching and creating an environment hosting a party in your name..the world revolving around you physically, mentally spirtually is the highest testament to the work you are currently doing in whatever capacity its being done at, thats just spiritual physics..

sometimes you have to leave, walk away, abandon, reject, let go of, break up with, divorce the false self that has taken over doing you more harm than good saying goodbye one word at a time..retrieve your highest self by cutting the strings that bind you one steady snip at a time..peae love faith hope




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