I Broke Up With My Outdated Self

Have you ever broken up with, fired yourself or had that heart to heart talk about how you are no longer living up to the requirements of a human being, failing miserably because of all the self sabotoging behavior.  Have you ever had to have that conversation with yourself to make yourself aware of the all the toxic, abusive & completely unacceptable behavior & actions towards your own self, while failing miserably at managing & loving yourself unconditionally?

For a while, I was my own perpetrator, mismanaging my thoughts, feeling & beliefs about myself out of the misinformation I had never bothered to fact check & just assumed to be true because of the human packaging this information came from.  In truth, I had felt powerless to myself,  freely giving into these beliefs while being my own worst enemy, while allowing the universe to mirror the way I had once internally treated myself.

One day long ago I decided to break up with her, that angry crazy bitch inside of me that just needed to be loved back into the light.  I no longer wanted to feeling a trauma bond over the experiences that had once brought us together, looking to break free from the collective whole that kept me small.  I decided to change my idea of self, seeing the divine goddess within that lead to the restoration of my mind body & spirit.

Most of the times it’s not just only the external environment that you think needs to change, but more importantly your own infrastructure of self that really need a good healing & make over.  If you don’t do the required work that needs a lot of self awareness, attention, forgiveness & healing, you can not expect or assume that the outside world is going to treat you any differently.  It is the universes own quantum physics mirror of human being relationships.

Sometimes you have to be willing to rewire & let go of the programing that kept you chained to the ideas that eventually turn into your reality.   No one said it was going to be easy but in order to save yourself, you have to really be willing to abandon those things that keep you small, afraid & angry.  You know,  deep down, in your most sober minded place beneath the all bullshit, you can do better.  Peace Love Faith Hope <3 <3 <3