i had a filthy love affair for a “DIRTY MIND”


as the world mourns and honors the great “PRINCE” of everybody’s generation, I reflect back to my own personal middle school years and remember the impact he had on developing my musical evolution..i don’t think my parents were so thrilled to hear the musical lyrics that was blaring out of my room at the age of 12 or the inappropriate dance moves that came along with the influence of his music..i had a filthy love affair for a dirty mind, my private joy, controversy, jack u off, i wanna be your lover and do me baby in my most prudish of prudes 12 year old mind..

his music brilliantly took away that mystery within my innocent mind and filled it up with a desire for some of that sensuality that oozed out of him in a very soulful kind of way..we all wanted a piece of that electric energy that captivated each and every one of us when we heard him sing and stroke his guitar in the most seductive natural without any kind of an apology way..his music transformed our generation and generations to come after, prolifically in a way that no other artist could ever achieve making him one hell of a musical visionary ICON of this time..

he was literally a musical genius phenomenon that changed the industry and paved an extraordinary road for many musicians in our future..we as people are so blessed to have his legacy left with us in an art form that will continue to shine and play always and forever connecting us to a time that will continue to make us get up and dance, tap our feet or sing by ourselves in the car..with great sadness, I salute his spirit, who blessed the world he lived in with musical wisdom and greatness one magical beautiful cord at a time..peace love faith hope