Shit just happens sometimes

nothing sucks more than having to write a fat fucking check to the government for taxes giving you chest pains at the mere thought of it, especially when the bracket you fall is either here nor there..sometimes its easy to feel like a rat on a wheel going around in circles furiously and not having anything to show for all the hard word and dedication you have put forth pissed off and feeing utterly screwed..the good news is for us personally, when you owe more than you thought you did, it means you are slowly moving out of the level of poverty you once swam in and into a new median of low income middle class still rubbing your pennies together in order to make and create its magic, as you are financially forced to take a few steps back in the process..

I believe everything happens for a reason and we should be taking notes when the shit is going down so we can better prepare ourselves for the up and coming future..sometimes we need to better utilize what we have in order to get ahead while continuing to take needed steps to building more financial security in the process..i think despite some of the set backs that you feel occur and victimize you, maybe be as simple as the universe preparing you for the greatness your about to receive while taking this time to shock you for humble measures as a parting gift for your abundant better futures..well, at least that’s what I believe..10494551_10153676448803145_4283327033445160148_n

the lower self at difficult times can easily manipulate feelings of despair and take you on a self sabotaging journey screwing with all the work you have done making you really believe you are that rat on a wheel instead of the magician that you really are with one had to the sky for divine intuition and one hand pointing down for the grounding stable is up to us to be able to see the wisdom of the lesson being shown while obtaining the valuable knowledge of a student in this process called life..we are all effected at times to some capacity with shit that makes us go bonkers inside testing our staying power, our fighting power, and the will to survive..these become and develop into beautiful opportunities when we decide to no longer take them personal and make them about us as individuals cuz frankly shit just simply happens sometimes.

I have been blesses with the understanding of pure simplicity, hard work ethic and the ability to just fucking laugh..i have complete faith in the path that we are on individually, as a couple and as a family..and while at times if fucking sucks to not have in the meantime of the financial freedom we all dream and desire for, I have the kindest most loving husband, 2 beautiful children, a roof over our head, and all good things money wont ever be able to pay happy fucking sent out our tax money yesterday..may we all find the breath to breathe as we let go of something very monetary while reestablishing the spirit within to accept the purest joy of standing with your head up inhaling all the abundance that is in the magical making..peace love faith hope