the last time i got to hug my daughter shezaf

I’ve realized there are going to be some hard days with being a mom to a child just want an opportunity to hug them and hold them in your arms, sometimes just because and other times because there is nothing like that of being their beloved mother..the last time I got to hug my daughter Shezaf was back in December when we traveled to Israel to see her off on her adventure of becoming an IDF soldier..i got my last hug in that day, with her in uniform, when we had to drop her off at the train station, watching her walk away and waving goodbye..

part of the commitment we make to our children when they go off to do epic shit, is to learn how to love them abundantly from afar while putting aside your own need to want to keep them close..i don’t ever take for granted the advancement of technology that allows us to keep in touch all the time while being up to speed on life in itself while the distance keeps us apart..i look forward to our iPhone chats and take whatever it is that I can get, even if its not over a Starbucks coffee and a date day together!

I have learned through life the value of time with people, more so now because I am surrounded by distance with love husbands entire family is in Israel and I know first hand the experience he feels deeply about being away and far..there are days that time passes because life is busy and we all have shit going on, but there isn’t a moment that you forget about the who’s that your life consists of ..

so I raise my grail of my beloved black liquid SALUTE the families that support distant loved ones as they embark on their adventures within their the moms and dads who support, nourish, cherish your children afar, I SALUTE you the families who live far away from each other, know the space between in only physical and there are beautiful energetic frequencies waiting to be connect too..and to the CHILD who decides to travel far away from the nest, I SALUTE you for your courage to see the world and whats out there for you! may we all feel inside our being the warmth of our family no matter how distant they appear to be..peace love faith hope..we love you shezaf and are so proud of you courageous journey! xo