I was once a bonehead

529700_10150766997954271_1514965819_nWhat does it take to awaken the enlighten self within? how many times must you repeat the same mistakes with different behavior modifications before you get the gist of the lesson that are before you? why is it so hard to change your belief behind the ideas of logic which could possibly change the outcome of another potential disaster that you set your self up for out of habit..how many more moments will you spend complaining about the same nonsense without ever connecting the dots back to the common denominator of you..the only way real shit will change is once you embrace the activity you participate in on levels you probably don’t even realize, or do and don’t give a shit, that make up the dis ease in your life..

it is extremely difficult to really SEE the reasons behind our happenings because we have been programed to not be accountable for the reckless behavior that we have a big hand in, wanting no ties to the actions that bring poison to our kingdom of self..we create time and time again the destruction to ourselves and bring down along with us everyone who has to suffer the consequences as we pollute and decay the land we call home too ..sometimes we live in a fictitious state of mind that was created as a child as a self defense mechanism that kept out something traumatic, but has had tremendous reoccurring repercussions throughout life creating the VICTIM of circumstances, instead of the authentic bonehead that you really are simply out of lack of awareness.

I was once a bonehead, until I had to really take a look at the unhealthy patterns I had single handedly created all on my own accord..i had to take my unaccountable experiences and figure out a way to change the face of my life by admittance , becoming enlightened each tear that fell from my eyes, as painful as it was..i needed to take in personally, emotionally all the times of my beloved failures as epic as they were and figure out a way to pour love into those memories and let the venom I subscribed to heal the decay of my past, opening the enlightenment of recognition that takes away the infections I once had subscribed too..i started to notice the change in me, that ultimately changed the vision to my landscape and the people I once associated with..i continuously cleaned the dressings while I was healing my spirit, my body, my heart and slowly let go of the toxins that kept me ill until I started to feel a cleaner type of pure that I was aiming for..

take charge in your life, as difficult as it is sometimes, actually most of the time, and become wise so you can evolve to become more enlighten one step at a time .there is no such thing as coincidence and things happen sometimes to get your full attention before its a full blown out problem..you yourself know when you are doing and working not in your best favor which is why guilt is an important emotion that works for your benifit that triggers your neglectful behavior whether your big enough to admit it or not..be the antivirus to the syndromes that are energetically created while manifesting its ugliness that could have been prevented if you had just been plugged in and completely conscious instead of oblivious ignoring all the WARNING SIGNS..

wake the fuck up or stop complaining if your not willing to do anything constructive for the better part of your self that’s waiting for you to become mindful..you have one life, that’s it, and you have the ability to build a brilliant enchanted kingdom with what you have been given or can create a toxic waste dump while single handedly destroying the precious gift that has been given..either way whatever you decide, the universe will mimic back to you, all that you put out there authentically no matter the cost it will take away from you or gift back to you..peace love faith hope