how we survived the immigration process is a miracle

how we survived the immigration process is a miracle and defiantly not for the weak, nor for those who do not have the patience of a saint what so ever..especially if your abiding by ALL the rules and cooperating during the process of receiving your green card status..between the paper work, all the documents you need to produce, expenses, your INABILITY to legally work until you receive the proper working papers, interviews, fingerprints, more interviews and someone to sponsor can make you want to pull the hair right out of your head while screaming and blowing your lungs out at the same think we got through all this without having an attorney because we couldn’t afford to hire someone, is entirely divine guidance and the blessed help of the Russian secretary at jewish family services who filled out our paper work with us, and Erans supportive parents who had to get everything translated, stamped with a seal and mailed to us during the time we were doing all this..

we chose, because our marriage was legit (and the thought of Eran being deported was not an option) for him NOT to work illegally under the table, which lets face it, most do..We decided we would get through this on my salary, since we already had the universe on our side with flying colors and that one day we would look back and laugh, as we scrapped by rubbing pennies together living on my manicuring profession while I supported us for a year and a was thee hardest financial times, and some days I didn’t know how we were surviving expect for the love and support of some very special people who would throw us a bone every now and then because they believed in what we were trying to accomplish and good things happen to good people!

sometimes you are gifted as I refer to it, the experience of people and their specific value of the learn how they view and see your financial empire as either a means to want to swim in your luxury pool or snub you while looking down because your no longer good enough for them simply because of the low income apartment you live in and the lack of coins that jingle in your pocket…BUUBYE..we were fucking rock star for keeping all of it together while  I was working my ass off to try to provide for my family and eran was holding the house down..we should have been commended and applauded for the Joan of arc behavior I channeled and the king of Sparta that Eran channeled..epic fail for a lot of people who should have could have been there to help raise us up instead of throw dirt on us while we were down..

TOGETHER we survived and grew because we had the LOVE TEAMWORK ETHICS MORALS and OBLIGATIONS to get through this time that I think most people would have caved from..just being real..No matter how low fucking funded we were, we still LOVED, LAUGHED, SMILED, and found creative ways to make our life work sucked, but you do what, you gotta do in times you have to do it, PERIOD..i saluted with both my middle fingers all the people who gave up, and didn’t believe in us, or ME in that fact! especially without ever either of us accumulating debt in the process..still to this day I cant figure out how we managed to do it!!

after long periods of time with the processing, we submitted all of our paperwork in may of 2011 which was also a massive financial expense, and began the process of the green that September, we had the majority of it accomplished, his fingerprints where in the data base and we were waiting for the date of our interview with the immigration officer..October of 2011, Eran and I went for his immigration appointment, still no council to represent us, except for the divine angelic presence I carry along side me, and shared our story to the immigration officer who needed to pick his mouth up off the floor and without any hesitation, confusion, questions, granted Eran his green card status..JUST  LIKE THAT..

you see, when you flow in the power of love, true, pure unconditional love, lots of things that might appear to be obstacles become accessibly and allow you the ability to evolve and blossom according to your path..with every step we took, and had to figure out a way to navigate the situation and we were able together to cultivate the skills in order to transcend us to the next level..people end up giving up mid way because it become to hard and frustrating when you are not given instantly what it is you desire..there were days we cried not being able to see the light in the tunnel, and there were days we wanted to revolt against the situation, but one of us was always cheering the other on when times got hard, and they did and they will..

the one thing I realized in all of this, is you don’t get to see the fruit of your labor when you abort a mission mid way through because you end up woosing out, or forgetting why you started the journey in the first place abandoning all that you have worked hard to acquire..success can take a lot of time and there is no preparation when entering something you have no clue with what your just have to continue to hold your own, commit to the process and restore your basic desires and needs to help motivate and push you through the process..these skills later become your fundamental building tools that exceed the hard times that you had to have in order to acquire them in any area of your life..KEEK GOING IT WILL GET BETTER peace love faith hope