the dialog between those who have crossed over and that of the spirit world

yesterday I had my monthly tarot meet up class, which I am always so overly geeked about going to..for me, its like the equivalent of taking a child to Disneyland for the day..i  have been going to this place in Ferndale Michigan called the Boston Tea Room for a while now and have had great success in developing and owning my craft as a tarotist..the work shop yesterday was using MEDIUMSHIP with our cards to bridge the dialog between those who have crossed over and that of the spirit world which make the child in me even more giddy and happy!

i have inadvertently had spirit come through while doing a couple of readings for family and friends over the last 6 months, where their loved ones showed up unexpectedly in the cards validating and blessing them with messages that I didn’t know you could do..sometimes we are unaware of our own traits and gifts, denying the divine that is within each and every one of us waiting to be awaken when the timing is right..i have always been a daydreamer, off in lalaland, in my own enchanted kingdom of beliefs, not knowing if what i saw with my 3rd eye was real, or if i was just a teller of stories..what i find to be beautiful is when the authenticity of our own spirit and nature, can be flexible enough that allows us the ability to feel the intimacy in what we can witness with our self and others in a most magical brilliant way..

there is a vulnerability that you have while sitting in a class of others, some you know, and some not at are expected to be open to the opportunity of what the gift of the cards will bring to you, in any capacity..while driving to my class, i had a mental conversation with my biological mother who i never had the opportunity to physically hold, but now have the ability to share spiritual space was her that i wanted to connect too, and why this class has been so relevant for me to learn..i believe that i have been given the gift of having the spiritual needle and thread that will help close the wounds with the unconditional love that i have for her and aid in a healing that is long over due in this lifetime..

with my freshly manicured nails , ( because lets face it, im a manicurist, and i love the way my hands look when my nails are polished holding my beloved cards) i begin to shuffle as we began to read for ourselves .i decided to use my enchanted deck called shadowscapes, because i really don’t want to be scared when im trying to communicate with dead people and this has the softest way of delivering i pulled the 8 of swords, i could feel the well of my tears and emotion start to burst through the seams that hold me together, because this was not the place  wanted to unravel before beloved biological mother was a beautiful soul who suffered in this life tragically as a child by the hands of another (of what no child should ever have to endure) and then having to loose her child to adoption later on in life..

the 8 of swords in this deck is a swan surrounded by the intimidation of piercing painful swords that are there to keep you caged in your mental state of mind..there is also the duality of darkness and light offering you the opportunity for change if your able to fight through the process and free yourself from this kind of captive state of mind..the card also has a bird hovering over the swan, which represents me, offering her the direction to come into the light with me guiding her out of this devastating threshold that has left so many to rot and die in..i was asked by my teacher to write and share what i pulled and could not complete the task in class because it was utterly to painful for me, yet i knew the exact importance of this message..

our second lesson was to shuffle again and pull 2 cards the first being who are they and the second is how are they related or connected to you..i pulled the page of cups and the hermit, which was very interesting to me as one sits at the bottom of the sea and the other is at the very top of the top of the world..i believe the page of cups is one of my spirit guides who i collaborate with in a very wise pure childlike energetic way, and the hermit is the innate wisdom i connect too that together help aid in balancing me while rooting me in a foundation that still allows me to develop and search the unknown..

our last lesson was to read for the person sitting across from us using the 2 card spread of who are they and how are the connected to you, which always gives me heart palpitations of fear when i have to read for another..i went first and read for the girl across from me and hopefully delivered her things that she connected and resonated with..then it was her turn to read for me..after shuffling her cards putting my jewjew into them, she cut the deck and picked up the EMPRESS and the HIGH PRIESTESS..i couldn’t have been happier to see the mother of all mother cards come up and again knew it was my biological mother showing up again for me, this time in a completely different manner as my guardian protective angel and on top of that she brought with her the high priestess as the messenger..the majestic presence of this card validates the work i am currently doing with my writings (hence the scroll in her hand) and her innate wisdom on guiding me to continue my studies with my intuition..

life has a way of specifically guiding you if you are open to it,  that enlightens the questions that you have in your mind and heart offering up the idea of possible closure..while i am forever a student, there is a wisdom beyond this life that i am able to tap into that is wiser beyond my physical years..may we all have the power and courage to stand in our light, to whatever capacity that comforts you and shine brilliantly outward, illuminating and radiating everything around you and within you..peace love faith hope





Published by MagicalMaven

I have always had a strong desire & affiliation with connecting to people due to my being adopted. My own personal life experiences over the last 50 plus years ended up heightening the strong sense of compassion and non judgement I have towards people in general & especially those who are suffering. This wisdom alone has made me a better professional & listener over the last 25 years in a "hands on" industry that inspired me to further my education to become a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach. I am a Professional Tarot Reader, Trained Reiki 3 master & Certified Crystal Healer.

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