An outward gift of love

be a pillar of hope for somebody other than yourself struggling in their kingdom of self… find the compassion within too spread your kindness abundantly for these emotions are free of charge and actually increase your vitality and recharge the spirit making it a win win for everybody around… stop looking at life as a hassle when having to “DO” for others, for there are reasons we are faced with challenges and situations beyond our control if you are able to plug into the bigger picture..the spectrum of your spiritual self…we ALL have something of value to learn…

we live in a world were every single person is fighting for some sort of survival..we each have our own interpretation of what that is supposed to look like and how painful it may feel without feeling the need to one up the other in is all relevant in our spectrum of life, its how we create tools to cope that is the key to evolving out of the moment in crisis that brings forth success and sometimes its as simple as plain kindness from ourselves and others..

some of our greatest healing opportunities stem from the outward gift of love we send forth to others in our own time of pain..even though it seems to go against our egos intuition of selfish, it is a higher opportunity for purity and growth allowing us the ability to move outside our own domain and into the freedom of bliss from our random acts of kindness..this is by far one of the hardest human efforts to accomplishish yet by extending a hand in your own discomfort to comfort somebody else is the connections of hearts and souls coming together in a force of loving light and radient healing…may we all find the courage to heal others with our kindness when we are in need of healing ourselves..peace love faith hope


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