My deck of Tarot

1907494_10153150555848145_454312498825565852_nI got my first deck of tarot cards around the bright age of 13, after reading about them while at the library doing “homework”..i actually think if I spent more time there doing my work I might have had slightly better success, expect for the Math Science History English classes I could never figure out how to connect too..i would spend the majority of my time in the occult section reading everything I could get my hands on..i was obsessed with it all, palmistry, tarot cards, mediumship, crystal balls, ghosts, soul mates, past lives, visitations, auras, anything that was mysteriously magical in the most elemental way..

unfortunately the rest of the world wasn’t so accommodating to the beautiful tapestry of this magical world of 6th senses and 3rd eye energy..there was a stigma of negativity, devil worship and horrible horrific beliefs formulated out of the basic control of fear, and I never bought into that, setting me apart from the rest of the school of thought..i couldn’t discuss my findings as I wanted too, since it was so taboo to talk “dirty” about beliefs that weren’t fitting in the box material, as much as I wanted to discuss how I felt and what I believed to be my personal own authentic truth.. I knew deep down I was a witch, a healer, a spiritualist, a visionary, a child whos imaginations was fueled by the elements of universal love..unfortunately that beautiful child went away one day, and was shelled with another coating of protection in hiding..

I over time as I got older, here and there i would bring my cards out before people who I felt safe with..spoke about spiritual things and beliefs I was connected too and wore crystals as was obvious I was Jewish on the outside, yet inside I had an array of eclectic philosophies that I would speak about and test the waters with people to see how deep they could go before jumping ship..I knew deep within the lining of my body I had DNA of a tribe different than that of which I was raised in, and it wasn’t until I uncovered the mysteries behind my biologicalness did I discover the magic in an intuitive aunt who is an evolutionary astrologer , healer and another aunt who is also intuitive and traits of mediumship..only recently did I discover how spiritual my biological mother was and how much like her I am..i can now rest upon the fact that I am not so different from my kind, and that its ok to really be radiant in whatever you are..

don’t ever let somebody cover who you are to make them feel better about themselves..don’t ever be afraid to be beautiful in your own skin even if it makes someone else uncomfortable..don’t ever be afraid to believe something in your self and within your heart because it doesn’t abide by somebody else’s is too short to be hiding in the skin that holds your spirit and soul..bravery comes when you are able to uncloak the cloth that was put there by outside judgment and created to keep you small and im telling you to finally vibrate with the frequency that you connect proudly and abundantly and the universe will grant you the beautiful magic in return…peace love faith hope