Humble Greatness

some of our greatest rewards come to us by the hands of other people achievements..i kvell at the success of my husband and children while reaping in with them the empathetic feeling of greatness and satisfaction..there is a sensation of pleasure when you are able to purely and authetically enjoy some body elses journey of accomplishments supporting and encouraging their path leading to do and achieve greater things in the process..

i have witnessed first hand the displeasure of when a low self esteem being tries to discredit or attack looking to ruin somebody elses good time because they couldnt get with the program outside of the narcissism that prohibits them to swim in the sea of others abundance joyfully..sometimes these actions are to try to keep you small so you dont ever outgrow the borders they mentally try to keep you in behaving and acting within a mean spirit..

it took for me years to come outside the santions i was inadvertently in by my own beliefs and at times the descriptions that others had laid on me..i had to stop waiting for others to catch up to my ways turning great and have enough self esteem to power up the divine within my own self that was the couragious walker to my soul..every achievement from the biggest to the smallest is an accomplishment, even if on that particular day it is simply placing a smile on your face, mustering up the courage to step out of your bed or facing an entire stadium waiting to hear you speak..

be the bragger to somebody elses success outside of your own display of the cheerleader without ever making it about you in the the silient supporter for someone making their dreams come true when you feel small in the space that they are radiating is within these places that you will recieve so much satisfaction when you are able to dedicate and witness the rise of another soul looking to come into their own without ever making it about you..

this is part of the human experience we tend to miss some times because we are so consumed by our own self absorbed richesness..we are all angelic in our excellence we are all worthy of a tribal celebration and we are all able to enjoy the ride of somebody elses triumph of center that somebody that that someone can feel special with for their moment in time..peace love faith hope