a beautiful meeting

i met with a woman yesterday, not just any woman, but someone who was my biological mother chris’s very best friend growing up..i have waited my entire life for this piece of peace to come no matter what road i had to take in order to aquire the information.. at any stake i had rolled the dice decades ago and over time i have been blessed with connections that have began to build my roots outside of my adoptivness..even through this pain staking journey i have had to release and cry out of my soul the things that have been buried and stored for a lifetime as you can imagine..

never give up on a belief that you have even if it means it will hurt and cost something from you that you believe to be security..sometimes you have to risk the greater part of your being in order to release the demons that have taking space between the holes that are created by our emotions that are unfiltered and unexplained..trust me when i tell you this has been a most tragically beautiful experience that i have had to build the biggest set of balls to travel through, and it is hasnt been easy to travel and i have had to pull valnurable out of a vault i swore i would never touch..

i was given so much yesterday that i have no worlds to explain at this point since i am still overwhelled by the whole story of who she was..i was given some photos and things that were so touching to feel that her fingers had crossed over the same threads that mine do now..this woman also brought me a present to represent my roots within the tree of my life..i am beyond grateful for this beautiful soul who showed up to see me!! and honor her beloved friend in the process..

life is about the thresholds we can let go of and to witness things that magically happen in the process..i have lived lifetimes within this story and have traveled everywhere within the process..be brave be strong be couragious be open be honest and be present..i have finially brought a piece of me home to belong in a family she never wanted to leave, for this i am blessed beyond words of any expression..peace love faith hope