I design intentional crystal healing, alchemy jewelry & malas for every day life.

Medicinal Energy Healing Jewelry

Each Indivisual piece is created by me, infusing them with Love, Reiki & a set healing intention with its own unique multi faceted channeled story.

Crystals naturally come with their own healing set of properties, creating a harmonic connection between our own natural crystalline makeup & that of the mineral kingdom.  This allows for our own vibration to elevate to that of the mineral kingdom & their healing properties physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually that energetically support & nourish ones individual work that is taking place. 

This is not to replace professional help yet to enhance and support one growth, evolution and healing process.

MagicalMaven Mala & Crystal Alchemy Necklaces

MagicalMaven Sandelwood Mala

This effective ancient prayer meditation tool has been used for centuries as a way to connect with the higher vibration of consciousness for the personal enlightenment in living an authentic everyday kind of life. Its a wonderful talisman to connect & reactivate your passion & enthusiasm. It includes 108 beads with Aqua Marine spacers & a Buddha as its master.

Crystal Alchemy Necklace Attune, Energize & Connect

Sometimes we become cluttered with useless thoughts & behavior that limits the abundant prosperous energetic force for over all growth & expansion as a human & spiritual being. This necklace was created with the intention to alchemize this inner pathways, calming the mental & emotional body for your imagination to reawaken, energizing the flow of balance, clarity, harmony through the energetic attunement & multi dimensional healing of these crystal beads.

MagicalMaven Crystal Healing Bracelets

Myth, Magic & Mermaids

Legends say that mermaids are a mystical magical creatures, described in so many ancient texts dating back to the beginnings of time. What fairies are to the outer world, mermaids are to the water world, protecting & being the messengers of the sea. This crystal healing bracelet was created to simply capture your imagination & take you to a place of make believe, where time & space are limitless for a state of transformation, peace, self discovery & divine connection.

The Eye Of Optimism

Sometimes we require an energetic healing kickstart to help tackle the work in dissolving outdated unhealthy habits that only remain out of fear of the unknown. This crystal healing bracelet encourage one to see with intuitive eyes the transformation before them, revealing all around the courageous self awareness & wisdom needed to pursuit this endeavor with inspiration, optimism & a renewed self confidence.

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